About me

Hi everyone!!  My name is Jenny.  I am excited to share my experiences about life and being an in home childcare provider.  I am a mother of three children, ages 26, 15 and 7.  Yes, I know it seems I have a child every decade, lol.  I am very family oriented and love children.  I love being home with my children and having the flexibility to be there for them for whatever they need.   This is what led me to becoming an in-home childcare provider, when you are your own boss, you set your own hours and make your own rules.  Being the daycare lady is rewarding in a lot of ways, but being able to be at home for my own children is the best reward.

This blog will be about my experiences being a daycare provider.  It will also talk about family and how it is being a single mom and running a business, and all the obstacles I go through on a daily basis. I look forward to sharing my world with you. I hope everyone will tune in and see what’s going on in the daycare lady’s life.