Bottles & Babies

In order for our babies to be the most healthy, I believe breast feeding is best, however if you chose to bottle feed your baby, you need to find a bottle that gives your baby less air intake.  It is very important so the baby doesn’t have gas issues or aching bellies.

Babies should be held when taking a bottle until they can safely hold the bottle on their own.  You should never prop a bottle.  The baby could choke, get tons of unwanted air and it could leak all over everything.  If you are a mom you know how gross the breast milk and formula can be.

Babies should not be given a bottle to sleep.  This is a very bad habit to start.  The baby again could choke, it can rot their teeth they may not even have yet and it causes ear infections.  It makes a mess and the habit is hard to break.

I offer sippy cups at around 6 to 9 months to start the weaning process.  I did this with my own children as well.  As soon as the baby turns a year old, no more bottles or pacifiers.  It is an adjustment, but it is best for the baby.

The longer  they have the bottle the harder it will be to wean them off of it.  It can cause so many issues with oral health, cavities, problems with tooth development and ear infections.

I know we all want our babies to stay babies sometimes, but it just can’t be.  We want our babies to be healthy and happy.  They will be perfectly fine without that bottle believe me.

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Sleepy, Sleepy Baby

All children require different amounts of sleep.  Refer to the chart above to find out how many hours of sleep your child should be getting.

Children who attend childcare or school should have a set bedtime.  It makes their day a whole lot easier when they do not come to daycare or school tired.  Most children go to bed at least by 9 p.m. on school nights.

Letting your child stay up til all hours of the night is hurting your child.  When they go to daycare or school it effects everyone’s day.  At daycare we have a structured schedule, so naptime is not until noon.  The school also has a daily schedule.  When your child comes tired, they are moody, sluggish and have a hard time keeping up with the routine.  It makes the providers day much harder also.

Children at preschool age need a set bedtime to be conditioned for getting up and going to school, schools do not have naptime, so they need to be able to get through the day without falling asleep.

It is proven that children that get a good nights sleep do very well in school compared to a child that picks their own bedtime.

I know being a parent with a busy lifestyle can take its toll.  Something to think about here – if you put the kids to bed early and make them stay in their own bed, the more productive you will be.

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How to Make Homemade Wipes

I make wipes for the daycare kids here at Whole Lotta Love Early Childcare and Education.  We use wipes not just for cleaning the children.  We use them for so many things, so I supply them instead of having the parents bring them.  It is easier for me to have one box of wipes instead of every child having their own, its saves so much time and saves the parents money. Below is a video showing you how to make them.  After the video, I will post the instructions for you.

You will need:

A roll of paper towels, an empty wipe container, baby bath, baby oil and water.

First you tear the paper towel sheets into two piles, using half a roll of paper towels.  You then take the half of paper towels and tear them in half.  Then you take that half and tear them in half again to make small squares.  This does not have to be perfect.  Then fill the empty wipe container half full of water.  The temperature of the water does not matter.  Then you put in the baby bath and baby oil, I don’t measure it I just put it in.  Then you mix up the water and add the paper towel squares to it.  Make sure you submerge the paper towels in the water and then you can drain the extra water out and now you have baby wipes.


Every Child Matters-Neglect and Abuse Prevention

This is a very touchy topic, but it is one parents need to think about. The articles, face book posts and the news reports are overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, accidents do happen, but most of them could have been avoided.

A few cases I have read about are very obvious and could have been prevented.

A few that come to mind:
A toddler in a high chair reaches up and pulls on a cord hanging down attached to a crockpot filled with boiling water all over him. The crockpot was on top of a refrigerator with the cord hanging down. The result was severe burns from head to toe. Provider claims it was used to warm bottles. There is no need to even have this in a daycare setting. Bottles can just as easily be warmed by sitting them in a cup of warm water for about 5 minutes.

A child wouldn’t stay on their cot at naptime. Provider decides it is ok to tape the child to the cot. This provider should not be taking care of children! Naptime can be a stressful time I understand, but this was very uncalled for. Sometimes you have to sit with the child, sing to them, maybe read a book, play soft music for them. They will eventually take their naps. It takes time for some kids to adjust to sleeping somewhere else but home.

A toddler just 1.5 years old gets picked up from daycare as usual. Not one staff member said anything unusual happened that day, just small conversations on the way out as usual. Mom decides after dinner to give her baby a bath when she noticed his shirt is stuck to him in places. She gets his shirt off and finds 15 bite marks on his back, some of which were open sores. He obviously was not being supervised by this daycare. You would notice if a child was getting bit 15 times, it is really not likely 15 kids bit him.

These stories are sad and no child should every have to go through anything like this.

If you suspect abuse or neglect, tell someone, file a complaint on the person in charge of his care. The person responsible should be suspended and required to take training on appropriate daycare methods.

Ask questions when you check into a new daycare.
Look around for safety hazards.
Meet the staff that will be responsible for your child and ask about their experience with children.
Get background checks.
Get references.

We should be able to trust the person or people we leave our babies with.

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